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Weekly Workout Tip with Woodcreek Athletic Club

Candace Harmon with Woodcreek Athletic Club shows us our weekly workout tip to start our week.

Weekly Workout Tip with Premier Fitness

Jamie Hughes from Premier Fitness shows us our weekly workout tip.

Fall Fashions & Boot Season with Gaudy Me

Holly Tryon with Gaudy Me talks about some great fall fashions and jeans for boot season.

Business of Intergrity Award with Better Business Bureau

Mechele Mills with Better Business Bureau talks about the Business of Intergrity Award.

Holiday Treats with Popcorn Junction

Tyler Braxton with Popcorn Junction shows us some great holiday treats for the season.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with Trinity Mother Frances

Dr. Brenda Morris with Trinity Mother Frances talks about the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Yesterland Farms Coupon: American Cancer Society

Attached is a photo for a $2.00 coupon off Fall Farm Admission for each person that comes to the farm this 2013 Fall Festival Season with the coupon.

Toys for the Kids with Hobbytown USA

Chris Parker with Hobbytown USA tells us about great toys for the little ones.

Fall Fashions with Apricot Lane

The lovely ladies from Apricot Lane join us to talk about great fall fashions from their boutique.

Tis the Season with The Christmas Store

DeAnn Robertson with The Christmas Store talks about the different options they have for the holiday season.