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Fox51 Today

Hurricane preparations with NET Health

NET Health of Tyler offers tips for keeping your family safe in case of a dangerous weather event.

Congrats, Juana Tinoco!

Rachel and Robert announce the name of this week's Fox Fantastic Friday winner.

"Funky Junk Round Up" comes to Tyler

The ladies from the "Funky Junk Round Up" talk about this year's upcoming event.

"Mercy" needs a home

Pam Hicks with the SPCA of East Texas stops by with Mercy, a puppy looking for a loving home.

June 25: Birthday Game

Rachel and Robert go head to head for another round of the birthday game.

"Fourth" flavors with Tessa's Bakery

Tessa Burrough, owner of Tessa's Bakery tells Robert and Rachel about some of their new holiday flavors.

Pizza grilling with Sweet Gourmet

Pam Gabriel, owner of Sweet Gourmet, tells about a new type of pizza cooking device.

City of Tyler's "Wine Swirl"

Dawn Leatherwood and Beverly Abell tell us about the city of Tyler's "Wine Swirl" .

SummerFest with Broadway Square Mall

Candace Foster with the Broadway Square Mall, Jammin' Jimmy Olson with the Breeze, and Gayle Helms with Pets Fur People tell Robert and Rachel about an upcoming event, helping our East Texas animals.

Preventing summer injuries with TMF

Dr. Charles Perricone talks to Robert and Rachel about preventing summer injuries.