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"Fit for Freedom" with East Texas Adventure Boot Camp

The ladies from East Texas Adventure Boot Camp stop by to tell us about their workout program "Fit for Freedom".

"Voice" and "Nashville Star" contestants team up for fundraiser

Stevie Jo Rosenbalm from "The Voice", Casey Rivers from "Nasville Star", and Terry Cox with TLC stop by to tell Robert and Rachel about a fundraiser at Rusty's Taco on South Broadway.

Blueberry mojitos with Sweet Gourmet

Our friend Pam Gabriel with Sweet Gourmet in Tyler stops by with a delicious blueberry mojito recipe.

East Texas Medical & Dental Outreach

Russell Hopkins with Northeast Texas Public Health District talks about the East Texas Medical & Dental Outreach program they have.

Heart health with Trinity Mother Frances

Dr. Stain Weiner with Trinity Mother Frances explains symptoms and treatments for "atrial fibrilation".

"Lake Palestine Palooza" with Pets Fur People

Gayle Helms with "Pets Fur People" tells us how this year's "Lake Palestine Palooza" is helping our East Texas animals.

"Bo's Steak and Grill" opens in Lindale

Tom Sacco gives Rachel and Robert a preview of "Bo's Steak and Grill" in Lindale.

Congratulations, Carina Lopez!

Meterologist Marcus Bagwell and Rachel Hackbarth announce this week's "Fox Fantastic Friday" winner.

Ask the Expert: Perfect Time to Plant

Brenda Swaggerty with Petty's Irrigation & Landscaping talks about the perfect time to plant.

Great Summer Wear with Clothes Mentor

Kathy Bosley wih Clothes Mentor talks about great summer outfits for the ladies.