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Ask the Expert: Azaleas

In this weeks, Ask the Expert, Mark Bickerstaff from Petty's Irrigation & Landscaping talks about azaleas of East Texas.  

Weekly Workout Tip with Woodcreek Athletic Club

Candace Harmon with Woodcreek Athletic Club brings us our weekly workout tip.

New Book from Local Author

Larry Krantz a local East Texas author talks about his new book to rememeber the Korean War.

Weekly Workout Tip with Premier Fitness

Jaime Hughes with Premier Fitness brings us our workout tip for the week.

Smoking Awareness with NET Health

window.parent.CKEDITOR._["contentDomReadyedit-body"]( window ); Terrence Ates with The Northeast Texas Public Health District talks about smoking awareness.

Seasonal Arrangements from French Peas

Holly Olson with French Peas Flowers talks about some fabulous arrangements for the season.

Kool Smiles Mission

David Nunez with Kool Smiles tells us about a mission they have called "Operation Gratitude".

Tessa's Boutique Bakery

Tessa's Burrough talks about the amazing treats she makes over at Tessa's Boutique Bakery.

Winterizing with Better Business Bureau

Mechele Mills with Better Business Bureau talks about winterizing our house and car.

Veteran's Memorial Dedication Ceremony

Teresa Galsgo & Peggy Rhodes from the East Texas Arboretum talks about the Veteran's Memorial Dedication Ceremony.