Fox51 Today

August entertainment with Liberty Hall

Anne Payne with Liberty Hall has a preview of this August's entertainment schedule.

Sleep Medicine Institute discusses bad dreams

Dr. RV Ghuge with the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas disusses why many dreams have bad dreams.

New Tyler restaurant: "Three Z Azian Cuizine"

"Three z Azian Cuizine" stops by with a preview of their new menu.

Book buying with the BBB

Students are getting scammed out of money trying to buy their books for school. The Better Business Bureau has some advice and warning signs.

"Paint your pup" with Doug Scouts of America

Troop 225 of the Dog Scouts of America tells about an upcoming fundraising, where you can paint a picture of your pet.

TABA talks East Texas housing market

Scott Greene with ETXPG talks about the best and worst time for the East Texas housing market.

Meet "Sheldon": Cat needing adoption

Meet Sheldon, a cat with the O'Malley Alley Cat Organization needing adoption after suffering third-degree burns to his body.

Literacy Council of Tyler hosts Spelling Bee

Nancy Crawford with the Literacy Council of Tyler talks about this year's spelling bee.

Summer foods with "The Shack"

Rachel and Robert talk shaved ice and hot dogs with the owners of "The Shack".

East Texas Idol Winner

Rachel and Robert talk to this year's East Texas Idol winner.