Fox51 Today

East Texas treasures

R.L. Winters from Fairhaven Vineyards stops by to talk about a few special concotions he offers visitors to his vineyard.

Summer travel tips

Mechele Mills from the Better Business Bureau stops by with some important information for those looking to hit the road this summer. For more information visit the

Brides & Belles

Jo Anne Owers from Tyler's own Brides and Belles stops by with a few gorgeous dresses for East Texas brides.

"An Angel Box"

Local author Denny Youngblood chats with Ben and Kyle about his recent publication and the upcoming sequel.

East Texas produce

Cleve Moore from Moore's Farms down in Bullard stops by to talk about a few delicious and nutritious treats. For more information visit

Wedding tuxedos

Robby Stone from Mark's Formal Tuxedo Rental stops by to talk about adding a little color to the traditional wedding tuxedo.

Flowers for East Texas brides

Owners Holly Olson and Stacey Conner stop by to talk about a few flower trends for East Texas brides.

Vacation fashions with Haute Totz

Jemilynn McKee from Tyler's own Haute Totz stops by with a few outfits for families getting ready to take the kiddos on vacation this summer.

Jeannie Faulkner Barber

Local author Jeannie Faulkner Barber chats with Ben about her books and a future release.

Caring for seniors

Allison McKinney stops by to talk about a great East Texas program that makes it easier to care for elderly family members. For more information visit their website at