Fox51 Today

Dogwood Festival Trails

Meghan Hill and Lysa Bean from Palestine talk to Ben and Katie about the exciting festival coming up with weekend. The Dogwood Trails Celebrations open this weekend.

Fox 51 Today News

Ben Hill delivers the top headlines from Fox 51 Today's 7a.m. hour of the broadcast. Remember, Fox 51 Today airs M-F from 7-9am

Main Street Market event in Tyler

This weekend in Tyler is the Main Street Market Event in Tyler. Beverly Abell chats with Ben about all of the vendors and how to sign up if you're still looking for a spot.

Celebrity Birthday Game: Monday edition

Ben Hill and Katie Green play the Monday edition of the Fox 51 Today "Guess the Celebrity Birthday Game"

Azalea Trails Arts and Crafts Fair

Ben Hill and Katie Green chat with Debbie Isham about this years Azalea Trails Arts and Crafts Fair

Shannon's Beading Basket

Shannon from Shannon's Beading Basket

St. Patrick's Day trivia

Ben and Katie play St. Patrick's Day Trivia

Fox 51 Today News 3/16

Ben Hill delivers the news in the 7am hour of Fox 51 Today on 3/16

Fox 51 Today Celebrity Birthday Game

Ben, Katie, and Henry Emerson play the Friday edition of the Fox 51 Today celebrity birthday game