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Disney star Davis Cleveland and Maci Drewry Cystic Fibrosis warrior

Two Tyler stars stop by to talk about a great upcoming event that they're asking the public to support.

Flu shot facts

Russell Hopkins, Director of Preparedness and Disease Surveillance stops by to share some great information about the flu shot. He also gives an on air demonstration of how quick and easy it is to get vaccinated.

Complextions Contemporary Ballet at the Cowan

Susan Thomae-Morphew, UT Tyler Cowan Center executive director stops by to talk about Thursday night's upcoming performance.

Texas Wounded Warrior Fundraiser

Orville Winover and Monique Dorsey from the Rose City Flying Clays stop by to talk about a fun even taking place September 29th that benefits out veterans.

New FOX Tuesday!

The New FOX Tuesday is a "Barrel of Laughs"

Fashion trivia with Will Knous from BSCENE

Ben and Will Knous square off for a delightful and incredibly entertaining round of fashion trivia.

Cracking and chiropracting with Dr. Flynn

Dr. Flynn shows us a few ways visiting a chiropractor can improve both your physical and mental health by point to a few areas on a live model that many East Texans often experience pain.

Breast cancer facts with Dr. Sauter

Internationally known cancer surgeon, scientist, medical educator and physician administrator Dr. Sauter shares some great information about breast cancer awareness.

Tyler's Got Talent

Monica Lim and Abrial Pugh with Tyler's Got Talent stop by to talk about how people can get involved with the production. Tyler's got talent is a fundraiser that benefits Parental Care Ministries.

Bluegill Family Fishing Tournament

Jim Booker with the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center down in Athens stops by to talk about a fun-filled event for the whole family scheduled for September 29th.