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Smith County Sheriff's Office: expanding jail

Sheriff Larry Smith with the Smith County Sheriff's Office tells Rachel and Robert about the area's jail expansion, and some ways his department is cutting down on crime.

Getting your home winter-ready

Our friends from the Tyler Area Builders Association tell Rachel and Robert some ways to get your home ready for the colder season up ahead.

ETSO offers concert for guitar lovers

Richard Lee, with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra, talks about their latest concert lineup featuring "The Royal Family of Guitars" : the Romeros. Tickets available here:

Adopt us: Timmy and Frieda

Timmy and Frieda are two cats with the O'Malley Alley Cat Organization that are in need of a good home. Both kittens were "bottle babies" and have since been nursed to good health!  

7th Annual Genny Wood Art Show

Arts from all across the state of Texas are hosting an art show in Bullard. The proceeds will go toward an area charity. For more details visit:

Women's heart health with TMF

Dr. Rachel Devaney with Trinity Mother Frances talks about how stress can create problems for women's hearth health.

Rose Heights' fall fest around the corner

Captain Commandment and Pastor Kevin tells Rachel and Marcus about this year's fall festival happening at Rose Heights Church. For more

Spooktacular Bull Bash

It's almost time for Jacksonville's annual "Spooktacular Bull Bash". Our friends from the event stop by to tell Rachel and Marcus about some of the fun happening on November 1.  

"Mallory's Heart" helping children in need

An East Texas family is living out their daughter's mission, by helping children across the world in poverty.

Winnsboro Wild West Days

The city of Winnsboro is taking East Texans back to the days of the wild west. For more: