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Valentine's Day Fashions with Morgan Abbigail

Morgan Tomberlain-Strong brings us some of the best color combinations for Valentine's Day. She shows us what styles to wear and how to accessorize.

Workout Nutrition Tips with Jamie Hughes from Premier Fitness

Jamie Hughes with Premier Fitness stopped by to tell us about some great workout nutritional tips to keep you fit.

Heart Awareness with Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor from the Health Department joined us to talk about Heart Awareness and how to keep your heart pumping properly. For more information, head over to their website.

Tips to increase your memory with Dave Farrow!

Ben and Katie learn how to increase their memories from a Guinness World Record holder!

'The Miracle Worker' with Tyler Civic Theatre

Cast members from Tyler Civic Theatre's production of "The Miracle Worker" talk to Ben and Katie about this special production.

Transforming your home with 'Blue Print Too'

The owners of 'Blue Print Too' in Tyler talk to Ben about unique interior design items that can transform a room!

BBB presents Dave Anderson

Mechele Mills guest Dave Anderson spoke to us about his up coming workshop where he will discuss how West Point's principles grows you as a leader and helps you build leaders within your organization.

Robotic Heart Surgery with Bill Turner, M.D.

Heart surgeon Bill Turner stops by to talk about new advancements in robotic heart surgery. For more information head to the Trinity Mother Frances website.

Hair Styles of 2013 with Michael Risher

Michael Risher with Shear Decadence Hair Salon stops by to show us some of the best hair styles for 2013.

Rising Phoenix Workshop

Gail Johnson joins us with Barbara Woodward and Serena Bryant tell us about how the Rising Phoenix program is helping women from abusive situation find employment. She tells us about the workshop they are hosting: ENACTUS Rising Phoenix.