You tell me, Texas

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 12:13pm

By a show of hands, upon hearing the news that a photo of a male bulging in his skivvies was posted to New York Representative Anthony Weiner's twitter account, how many believed that it wasn't Anthony Weiner?


Who didn't believe he was lying when he first proposed that his account was hacked? Still no hands.

How many believed that in short enough order, Representative Weiner would be forced to call a press conference at which he would tearfully confess to having made a "terrible mistake?" All hands up.

What a cliche the ruling class sex scandal has become. They all follow the same pattern. Revelation, denial, cover-up, confession.

If only the pattern continued to its next logical step, that of resignation. But it never does.

Our ruling elites expect you to believe that even when revealed to have exercised the poorest possible judgment in their personal lives, they are nonetheless capable of principled and discerning judgment with respect to their duty to act in the best interests of the country.

And thus the American people become incrementally more cynical.

If Anthony Weiner had announced at his presser yesterday that he was stepping down, he would have done himself and the Congress and the American people a world of good.

But it didn't happen.

That would have required character -- something that is grievously lacking among the ruling class.

That's my word, what's yours? Go to and you tell me.


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