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Group: Bin Laden wording 'indicator' of coming attack

Osama bin Laden's word choice in the latest audio message attributed to him is seen as a "possible indicator" of an upcoming attack by his Al-Qaeda network, a US monitoring group warned Sunday. IntelCenter, a US group that monitors Islamist websit

Many flee Haiti capital, govt plans tent cities

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haitians are fleeing their quake-ravaged capital by the hundreds of thousands, aid officials said Friday, as their government promised to help nearly a half-million more move from squalid camps on curbsides and vacant lots int

Haiti: Returning to Work Helps Survivors Deal with Grief

PORT-AU-PRINCE — For once, business as usual is a good thing in Haiti. Following the earthquake, almost all shops and businesses remained closed in the nation's capital of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas.

6.1 magnitude aftershock hits Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – The most powerful aftershock yet struck Haiti on Wednesday, shaking more rubble from damaged buildings and sending screaming people running into the streets eight days after the country's capital was devastated by an apocalypt

Haiti violence hampers earthquake relief

HAITI — Violence in Haiti is hampering the assistance of earthquake victims as the U.S., the United Nations and aid groups work to deliver supplies to victims of the earthquake that ravaged the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.

US kills FBI-wanted terrorist in Pakistan strike


Scientists warned Haiti officials of quake in '08

INDIANAPOLIS – Scientists who detected worrisome signs of growing stresses in the fault that unleashed this week's devastating earthquake in Haiti said they warned officials there two years ago that their country was ripe for a major earthquake. T

Aid groups struggle to get food, water to Haitians

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Hundreds of U.S. paratroopers touched down in shattered Port-au-Prince overnight as U.N. and other aid organizations struggled Friday to get food and water to stricken millions.

Red Cross estimates 50,000 dead in Haiti quake

GENEVA – The Haitian earthquake has killed an estimated 45,000-50,000 people, a spokesman for the Red Cross federation said Thursday. "We consider this as an estimate" from the Haitian Red Cross, said Jean-Luc Martinage, a spokesman for the Intern

Pace of relief efforts picks up in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Desperately needed aid from around the world began arriving Thursday in quake-stunned Haiti, while rescuers struggled frantically to save the trapped and injured, using pickup trucks as ambulances and doors as stretchers. P