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Vatican: Pope is not ill

A Vatican spokesman denied reports on Wednesday that Pope Francis is ill, saying that the curtailment of his public summer schedule is common for popes.

Celeb safety is big business at World Cup

Brazil is beefing up security for the World Cup, but corporate executives and wealthy soccer fans are sparing no expense when it comes to their safety.

Are missing Irish children buried in 'graves'?

(CNN) -- As a little girl, Catherine Corless was always curious about the St. Mary's Mother and Baby Home in her hometown of Tuam, in County Galway, Ireland.

Insider Guide: Best of Toulouse

If Paris, Marseille and Lyon are France's big boys, then Toulouse might be their artsy little sister.

Five women sexually assaulted at Egypt's inaugural festivities

(CNN) -- Uniformed Egyptian police pull a woman in nothing but her underclothes from a frenzied mob. "Get back boy! Get back!" the officers say as one lifts his pistol into the air.

How did 6 die after Bowe Bergdahl's disappearance?

Much attention has been given to the claim made by the former platoonmates of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl that he is partly to blame for the deaths of six soldiers who were killed in the months after Bergdahl disappeared.

U.S. Marine says he'd walked into Mexico before his arrest on gun charges

A U.S. Marine sergeant jailed in Mexico since late March for crossing the border with several guns in his car said Friday that he had walked across the border on foot and stayed at a Tijuana hotel earlier on the day of his arrest.

Normality resumes: Curfews lifted in three Thai hot spots

 It's been nearly two weeks since Thailand's military took over the country after months of political and social unrest that led to outbursts of violence in Bangkok..

25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square crackdown

SHANGHAI, China (CNN) — In between sipping drinks and reminiscing about bygone times at a recent reunion of my high school class, old friends curious about foreign news media's coverage on China asked what stories I was working on.

3 suspects confess in India gang rape; community outraged

KATRA VILLAGE, India (CNN) -- Three brothers have confessed to involvement in the gang rape of two teenage girls in India, a police officer told CNN.