Wood County officials release Most Wanted list

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 10:15am

Wood County released a Most Wanted list as of 10/28/10. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please contact your local authorities.

Ellena Sullivan W/F 5/20/1962 DWI
Geraldine Newman W/F 11/7/65 Issuance of bad checks x 3
Chad Capehart W/M 8/21/76 DWLI
Roy Hill W/M 8/2/65 Theft
Eual Hayes W/M 3/16/86 Theft
Theresa Gibbs W/F 4/6/64 Theft
Mark Gleixner W/M 4/23/64 Theft
Sandra Garcia W/F 6/19/61 Assault
Glenda Crow W/F 1/15/88 Credit Card Abuse
Carl Williams W/M 8/21/91 Credit Card Abuse
Justin Powell W.M 4/17/89 MTAG-Burglary of Habitation
Russell Farmer W/M 1/27/61 MTR-Probation


James Pogue W/M 8/9/76 MTR-Probation
Tommy Houck W/M 6/15/76 MTR-Probation
Tammy Latham W/F 2/12/66 MTR-Probation
Pennie Price W/F 9/17/70 MTR-Probation
Leon Vargas H/M 4/19/70 Assault F/V
Scott Storey W/M 6/27/74 Possession of Marijuana
Nick Berry B/M 8/24/78 Possession of Marijuana
Teresa Kennemer W/F 8/15/88 Theft

Reesha Powell W/F 7/1/84 MTR-Probation
Kelsi Franklin W/F 2/12/88 Theft
Linda Brock /F 12/13/75 Criminal Mischief
Nick Brock W/M 11/6/84 Criminal Mischief
Leslie Brock III W/M 10/5/78 Criminal Mischief
Les Brock W/M 11/3/60 Theft
Barbara George W/F 1/22/65 No Insurance
Jeremiah Liles W/M 1/8/80 MTR-Probation
Calvin Short W/M 1/27/88 Theft
Janet Osbourn W/F 7/19/59 Forgery x 3
Susan Applegate W/F 5/15/70 MTR-Probation
Ryan Bennett W/M 9/20/86 Minor in Possession

Christopher Jackson B/M 11/19/70 Speeding/No Insurance and Upshur County Warrants
Gerald Weick W/M 4/20/79 Assault F/V x 2
Samuel Cook W/M 6/22/75 Assault F/V & Interference with emergency call

Tobie Brock W/F 4/19/77 Theft and Bail Jumping/FTA
Juan Bautist H/M 8/8/86 DWI
Cynthia Brown W/F 5/2/72 MTR-Probation

From Wood County


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