VIDEO: TX teen tracks down carjacker, gets possessions back

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 3:09pm

A teen in Houston goes on the hunt for a man she says put a gun in her face and stole her car.

Her detective work leads police to the suspect and into a car chase when he makes a run for it.

Early Saturday morning, at a southeast Houston apartment complex, Monica Terrones, 19, was robbed at gunpoint. The man took her purse, her cellphone, her car and he made a lot of calls on her phone.

Terrones retrieved the numbers calling everyone he called and she says he called her back.

Terrones said, "He had called me and said he had my car and he was playing with me. So, when he had called me I said I am gonna find you, you're here in Houston, I've seen your Instagram page and I'm going to find you."

The big break came when Terrones got a message from one of the phone numbers he had called telling her where her car could be found.

She called police and there was a brief chase before the car crashed.

19-year-old Quintin Davone Brown is now charged with aggravated robbery and there was a juvenile companion arrested as well.

Oddly enough, Brown lived in the same complex where the car was stolen. Those who know him say they noticed he had a new ride.

Monica now has her car, but it's most likely totalled, but someone will be paying for what happened...One way or the other. It's her rule.

Even if you're playing around, joking around, you're not gonna touch her stuff.


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