VIDEO: Texas police officers dubbed the 'Hip Hop Cops'

Courtesy: Rosenburg Police Department
Friday, June 13, 2014 - 5:46am

These cops are not your average men and women in blue. These officers are the People's Champs, walking a beat on the clock and dropping a beat off the clock. These are the officers of Rosenberg P.D.

A little over three years ago, the Rosenberg Police Department decided it was time to make a change, time to "tear down the walls" and start anew-- enter Sergeant Ariel Soltura and Lieutenant Aaron Slater, the masterminds behind what are now being called "The Hip Hop Cops."

"Our operation was to police with the community," said Soltura.

And that's exactly what Rosenberg P.D. strives for every day on social media. Their Facebook page, which has over 40,000 likes, consists of one-third community posts, one-third relevant to everyday life posts and one-third humor posts. The latter seems to be spreading like wildfire in a recent hip hop video involving two of their finest. Soltura said they're doing it to show the side of officers most do not get to see.

"We have a worldwide famous Facebook page. Since the page began, part of what we did was humanize police officers," said Soltura.

In the video above, Officer Ariel Ronell and Officer Ranell Roy -- yes, their names are ironically coincidental -- can bee seen lip dubbing to Katy Perry's chart topper "Dark Horse" while they begin their patrol. It even includes a impressive rap solo by Ronnell.

The video was made after a suggestion from Officer Roy; he was inspired by a recent viral YouTube video with a father and daughter lip sync singing to the song "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea. Once he got the green light from Soltura and Slater, the rest was history-- on their off-time, of course.

The sergeant said it's important to remember police can have fun just like anybody else, and they, too, enjoy a good laugh.

"If we can all laugh together, then we're not beating each other up," Soltura told KETK.

As for the stars of their most recent attempt at humor, Soltura believes they are naturals. Officer Ronell joined the force about 8-months ago and has only been patrolling the streets for a month. The Sam Houston State University graduate even found her way to Roseberg after she, too, discovered their cutting-edge page. Roy has been on the squad for three and a half years.

In those passing years, the page has gone from taboo to top in their field. Soltura said their department talks to about 10 departments a week to help them turn around their community relations.

Perhaps the greatest achievement for the force, though, is the hip hop pair nailed the video on their first try. And if you're already wondering if their is going to be a sequel, Soltura stated "it could happen."

As of Thursday evening, the video had more than 27,000 shares.







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