VIDEO: Police officer slaps child after he bites him

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 1:15pm

Emotions ran high as a police officer enforced a court order in a child custody dispute in Oregon.

Video of the incident shows the officer appearing to smack the boy after he says the boy bit him.

A 10-year-old boy was caught in the middle of a very public custody battle Sunday night.

Eugene police say the boy's father, Brian Wolfe, contacted them stating he had a court order giving him custody of his son.

Police say the mother, Stephanie Johnston, was living in a bus at Monroe Street Park.

When officers arrived to take the boy, they say his mom told her son to just run away because the police were going to take him away.

An officer caught the boy, that's when Christina Bailey started taking video with her cell phone.

You can see the officer hit the boy's head in the video in which the officer says he did it because the boy bit him.

People in the park were outraged.

Officer Sam Kamkar says the officer's response was calm and professional.

Eugene police say they were just doing their job.

The Department of Human Services says it is looking into all concerns.


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I think this is a pack of poop the mother should have been arrested and if you were bit you might have smacked the kid on the head to get him to stop I am sure the kid was not hurt in any form or fashion and think the officer did his job.

Parents need to understand the difference between discipline and striking. The Officer handled the situation very well and none of this would have happened if his mother would have done the RIGHT thing. Being down and out is hard but she is not helping the matter.

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