VIDEO: Jets fan who punched woman in the face served 2 years for fatally stabbing teenager, mother tries to clear his name

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 10:48am

A fight between a group of NFL fans has gone viral.

The mother of one of the men in the fight says he, 38-year-old, is not to blame, even though he's seen on video punching a woman.

"She was the aggressor," says Colleen Paschke. "She just came out of nowhere and started punching my son."

Paschke was there when this brawl broke out. She says five Patriots' fans, including two women, started fighting with her friends.

That's when her 38-year-old son, Kurt, jumped in to break it up.

"He went over to pull them off the guy and girl and that's when they grabbed my son and started punching him," said Paschke. "One guy was holding him while the other guy punched him."

What she describes wasn't captured on video, but in the clip that's gone viral, you can see Kurt in the chaos, when he suddenly gets pulled back.

A blonde woman lunges at him and he throws a punch connecting with the female's face.

"She punched my son three times to the head, cut his son just turned around to defend himself," said Paschke. "Like, he was getting tired of being punched."

Kurt Paschke was interviewed by police after the fight, as were the other people involved.

Initially he was told no charges would be filed, but now New Jersey State Police are only saying it's an ongoing investigation.

Paschke does have a criminal history. In 2011, he was caught serving alcohol to minors while bartending. In the 1990's, he served two-and-a-half years in prison for fatally stabbing a teenager, but his mother says he was wrongly convicted.

"It happened many years ago when he was only 17," said Paschke. "He was set up by a white supremacy group and unfortunately he ended up taking the blame for the stabbing of another youth."

A mother now hoping her side of the story clears her son's name in this incident.


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