VIDEO: Dallas brewery under fire for beer slogan

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 2:18pm

A Dallas brewery was trying to get the word out about one of its brews, so it came up with what was thought to be a catchy slogan.

But, the idea backfired when the ad campaign came under fire online.

"Pours very light in color, very easy drinkin'."

The slogan "goes down easy could" well describe this cold glass of beer, but consider the name of the drink, Dallas Blonde, and its mascot, a wide eyed doll and it's hard to miss the double meaning.

The owner of the Deep Ellum brewery, John Reardon, says a few weeks ago he posted a picture online of the ad on the company's delivery truck.

A liberal political blog, The Burnt Orange Report, responded, accusing the campaign of fueling "the acceptability of rape culture."

Critics began attacking on Twitter and soon the story spread worldwide.

"It's not funny," says Bobbie Villareal, the Executive Director of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. "The number one date rape drug is alcohol, so you combine that it's on a can of alcohol and then you're perpetuating the myth of it going down easy. It is offensive."

Reardon, in turn, says he's offended by some of the criticism.

"I think it's just completely out of proportion," said Reardon. "Likening a tongue in cheek campaign to sexist capitalism and rape culture, that's just gone too far."

But, Reardon has apologized to anyone offended by the sexually suggestive slogan and he has decided to remove it from the truck, where it's so prominently displayed.


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