VIDEO: 3 teens admit to killing college baseball player because 'they were bored'

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 12:32pm

A random and senseless act of violence has left a promising 22-year-old baseball player dead, a family devastated and two countries across the world rattled.

Police say Christopher Lane was gunned down by three teenagers while he was out jogging.

New details reveal the suspects' chilling motive, they say they just wanted to kill someone.

Shock and grief spread across two continents over the death of Lane.

The 22-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, was in the U.S. attending Oklahoma's East Central University on a baseball scholarship. In the typically quiet town of Duncan, Oklahoma, three teens allegedly shot lane in the back for sport and sped away in their car.

There were people who saw him stagger across the road to a kneeling position and then collapse on the side of the road.

Nearly 10,000 miles away, Lane's family is struggling to cope with what happened.

Three teenagers, just 15, 16 and 17-years-old, were arrested and expected to be charged with first degree murder.

In an interview with an Australian radio station, the police chief revealed the teens' shocking motive.

He said that the motive was, "We were going to kill somebody, we just want to kill somebody."

Lane's girlfriend, Sarah Harper, posted an emotional tribute on Facebook today, saying in part, "You will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart."

Police sources say the three suspects had plans to carry out a second killing the same night, but they were caught and stopped by police just hours later, thanks to security cameras from local businesses that were able to capture their car speeding down the street.


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