UPDATE: Carrier plant to close in 2013, 500 employees affected

Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 12:21pm

TYLER — A spokesperson for Carrier tells KFXK , the bargaining process with the sheet metal workers union has come to an end.

The workers have agreed to accept severance packages. The details of the packages were not immediately available.

Carrier representatives say the closure will directly affect about 500 employees. No word on how many might be transferred to other Carrier plants.

The Tyler plant will continue operation through 2013.

Carrier has a scholarship program to help employees pay for tuition and book fees, which will still be available to employees of the Tyler facility for up to 4 years.

When we last spoke to Carrier, a spokesperson said that the Tyler plant operations might shift to Monterrey, Mexico. Thursday morning, however, Carrier said the move to Mexico is not definite.

On Friday, Carrier announced to employees a proposal to close their Tyler plant, pending a collective bargaining agreement with the union.

Carrier officials say the plant will continue operation through at least 2013.

Bargaining could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Employees would receive separation benefits if the plant closes, and would keep scholarships awarded through work. Operations would shift to Monterrey, Mexico.

A total of 500 employees would be affected.


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