Tyler Roses

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 1:19pm

TYLER - Theresa Laseter and her mom, Elizabeth Brewer, drove in from Fort Worth just to see, and smell, Tyler's roses.

Theresa says, "She's never been here. So, I thought this would be a good trip to take together."

This is Elizabeth's first time at Tyler's Rose Garden-- the largest rose garden in the world.

Elizabeth says, "I'm really enjoying seeing all the flowers and smelling them."

She says, she loves seeing her favorite flower in its peak.

Elizabeth says, "It's the fragrance and the way they open up."

Theresa says, "It's unique cause you can't go anywhere else, and get this many roses."

Expert Tom Ramey says, "The industry has given Tyler jobs. Oil has given Tyler wealth. But roses, have given Tyler fame."

But while these roses are considered a Tyler staple--- it's history on how they came about is pretty cool.

Ramey says, "If it wasn't for the economic tsunami and loss of the peach industry, we would have never grown roses here."

He tells us, up until the mid-1920s, Tyler was actually the peach capital of the world.

It was a huge industry that prospered by great soil and the railroad.

But, when a disease hit in the late 1920s, all one-million of the city's fruit trees--- died.

And, unemployment sky-rocketed.

Ramey says, "The people who were growing peaches also discovered the same soil that grew peaches, also grows roses."

And eventually, Ramey says, Tyler literally had acres and acres of fields, now growing roses."

In fact, Tyler was growing so fast, that it soon earned the title of "Rose capital of the nation."

And although the rose growing industry has changed over the years, Ramey says, Tyler is still the "Rose processing capital of the world."

Ramey says, "Roses are brought here from all over in their raw state and are processed here. And, sent out to retail establishments all over the country."

So, others, like Theresa and Elizabeth can enjoy them, too.

Ramey says, "If you want to see beautiful roses, see america's flower, then there's one place to come--- this garden in Tyler, Texas."

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