Tyler participating in ‘Second Chance Warrant Program’

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - 10:30am

In an effort to bring closure to unresolved warrants, the Tyler Municipal Court has announced its participation in a “Second Chance Warrant Program” from Aug. 1-21.

The down payments necessary to enter into a payment plan has been reduced to assist citizens in paying off their fines. To take advantage of this offer, citizens must provide a $150 down payment. The payments thereafter will be $150 per month until the fine if fulfilled. Some restrictions may apply and not all citizens may be eligible to participate.

“Past sweeps have been very effective in helping us clear several thousand warrants in a matter of a few days,” said Court Administrator Cam McCabe. “We want to get people back on their feet by helping them eliminate their warrants.”

However, citizens should be aware that if they accept the terms of this program and fail to make payments their warrants will become a high priority.

Affected persons are urged to contact the Tyler Municipal Court to dispose of their cases voluntarily.

For assistance with resolving an outstanding warrant, contact the Municipal Court at 813 North Broadway between 7am to 5pm, or call (903) 531-1266. Warrants can also be paid on line at www.CityofTyler.org under the “I Want To” menu at the top of the page.


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