Tyler city councilman upset by local newspaper editorial

Monday, May 14, 2012 - 5:09pm

TYLER — Tyler City Councilman Jason Wright is upset about an editorial published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Sunday.
The editorial criticizes comments Wright allegedly made at a Tea Party rally earlier in May.
While speaking about food stamps at the rally, Wright reportedly said, "It sort of reminds me of those signs you see in the national parks. Don't feed the animals, or they may become dependent on those that feed them."
In the editorial, the Tyler paper calls his comments "reckless", and says Wright compares those on food stamps to animals.
When KFXK contacted Councilman Wright for a response, he said that his comments were misunderstood. He said they were not meant to be an analogy of the food stamp recipients themselves, but was meant to show "the misuse of logic in regards to the dangers of dependency" on the federal government.
Wright says "it never crossed my mind to compare people and wildlife. I understand how it could be taken the wrong way and for that I am terribly sorry."
Wright tells KFXK, he wrote a two-page letter to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, clarifying his comments, and apologizing if there was any misunderstanding.
As of Monday morning, he said he had received no response.
And, as of 5:00 PM Monday, the Tyler paper claims "Wright has made no public effort to clarify his words or to apologize."
We want to know what you think, East Texas.
Did Wright go too far? Or was too much weight placed on his comments?
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