TX proposal to shut down puppy mills concerns breeders

Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 12:51pm

Texas — State lawmakers are looking at a new proposal that would make Texas dog and cat breeders who have more than ten unspayed female animals to have annual inspections and background checks. They say the new proposal is aimed to shut down puppy mills.

Some say current breeding laws only address extreme cases and make it difficult to investigate puppy mills.

Now, it's drawing criticism from breeders who say the annual inspections would be too costly and put them out of business.

Sandy and Charles McDaniel-- who have been breeding poodles in Tyler for more than thirty years--say breeders should already be doing those checks. "Your backyard breeders and your puppy mils, they don't do any of this. We do in order to keep problems down," Sandy says.

Supporters also tell us they are concerned that if the bill passes, the annual inspections will not be enforced.


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