Tuesday wildfire update

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 9:43am

Yesterday, Texas Forest Service responded to 10 new fires for 435 acres. Since April 6th, Texas Forest Service has responded to fires that have burned more than one million acres.

Texas Forest Service has responded to 11 new fires today.
A Type I Incident Management Team (IMT) (Wilder Team) has been ordered for the PK West Fire and a Type II IMT (Florida Red Team) has been ordered to support East Texas. A tanker base has been set up in Midland to support a DC-10 airtanker. Dyess Air Force Base has set up a tanker base to support the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) units on four USAF C-130s.


Jasper County, No. 289 – 25 acres. Fire contained and controlled.

Jasper County, No. 293 – 1 acre. Fire contained and controlled. Cause under investigation.

Trinity County No. 290 – 1 acre. 1 home threatened and saved. Fire contained and controlled.

Bowie County, No. 147 – 7 acres. 100 percent contained. Cause under investigation.

Lubbock County, Double Rainbow Fire – 50 acres. 100 percent contained.

Jones County, North Hamlin Fire – 50 acres. 50 percent contained. Fire is held by roads on all sides. Air assets released. No threats at this time.

Garza County, Southwest Royalty Fire – 2,000 acres. 90 percent contained. Fire held by two plowed fields. No threats at this time.

Jack County, Deweber – 20 acres.

Montgomery County, No. 292 – 18 acres.

Montgomery County, No. 291 – 60 acres. 13 structures threatened.

Rusk County, No. 134 – 2 acres, contained.



Harrison County, No. 146 – 2 acres. Marshall PD requested assistance at the Business Park. Fire threatened a business and products from the business. Fire is controlled.

Nacogdoches County, No. 133 - 2 acres. This is spot fire from Fire No.127, 1 house and outbuilding threatened/saved.

Tyler County, CR 4600 Fire (No. 285) - 130 acres. 20 year-old plantation.

Tyler County, No. 286 - 6 acres, controlled. Cause is under investigation.

Tyler County, No. 283 - 19 acres. Cause is under investigation.

Tyler County, No. 284 - 40 acres. Cause is under investigation.

Stephens County, Mossy Rock Ranch Fire - 200 acres, 30 percent contained.

Shackleford County, Sedwick Fire – 30 acres. Fire is 70 percent contained

Travis County, Pinnacle Fire - 100 acres, 8 homes destroyed, 10 severely damaged. 2 MAFF c-130’s were used on this fire.
Jones County, CR 310 - 100 acres, 90 percent contained.

Jack County, Bryson Fire Complex, two fires - 7,500 acres. 14 businesses and 140 home and outbuildings threatened. 70 people evacuated. 50 percent contained.
Motley County, Middle Pease Fire - 400 acres. No TFS resources on this fire today. 90 percent contained.
Tyler and Hardin Counties, Pipeline Fire (No. 260) - 7,000+ acres. TFS resources committed to this fire today.
Wichita County, Wichita County Complex - 11,785 acres in 3 separate fires, 90% contained: Iowa Park West, Missile, and Holiday Fires. On the first day of this fire there were 7 homes and 6 out buildings lost with 27 direct saves. TFS resources have been released from this fire.
Stonewall, Knox and King Counties, Swenson Fire – 122,500 acres, 90 percent contained. 3 ranch complexes threatened.
Kent, Stonewall, Fisher and Scurry Counties - Cooper Mtn Ranch Fire. - 162,473 acres, 122 mile perimeter. 80% contained. There were 4 homes lost.
Stephens, Young, Palo Pinto Counties, PK Complex – The PK East, PK West, Jackson Ranch, and Hohertz fires are burning in close proximity to each other and have been combined into a Fire Complex, with 147,065+ acres burned. The latest report is that there have been a number of spot fires on the peninsula with no homes lost. Assessment teams have confirmed 56 homes lost at Sportsman World, 37 homes lost at Gaines Bend, 24 homes lost at Hog Bend, and The Cliff area while threatened, has no confirmed losses. In total, 149 homes and 1 church lost in the PK Complex. An Incident Command Post is south of Strawn on Hwy 16. TFS resources committed to these 4 fires today include 1 Air Attacks, 1 Helitankers, three 20-person hand crews, 4 Task Forces of dozers and engines, 5 TIFMAS Strike Teams of engines, 4TIFMAS Task Forces of engines and water tenders, 4 MAFF Air Tankers, 2 SEATS, 2 Lead Planes, 4 Heavy Air Tankers, and 2 TXARNG Blackhawk Helicopters. The community of Graford and the town of Palo Pinto, including the Palo Pinto jail are being evacuated. There have been reports of ash falling from the sky. Roads into Graford are closed. Highway 16 from Highway 337 to Highway 180 is closed.
Eastland County, CR 104 – 2,000 acres, 5 homes and 1 vehicle previously destroyed. 85 percent contained.
Archer County, Dad’s Corner – 6,100 acres. 15 homes and oilfield threatened. 70 percent contained.


The Southern Area Incident Management Blue Team is continuing to assist with management of active fires in the Trans Pecos Complex. For more information on these and other fires in West Texas, contact C.J. Norvell, Blue Team Public Information Officer at 432-688-9234 or transpecosfires@gmail.com<mailto:transpecosfires@gmail.com>
Most Active Fires:
Coke County, Wildcat Fire near Grape Creek - 150,000 acres, 10 percent contained. Yesterday, residents were evacuated and roads were closed. A number of evacuations are still in effect for Highways 277 and 208 near Tennyson, Robert Lee and Bronte. Wildcat exhibited extreme fire behavior with flame lengths of 5-8 ft. Conditions were favorable to conduct burnout operations on the east side where firefighters were concerned about the spread of the fire. Today fire crews will continue to construct control lines to hold the fire and assist with any evacuations. Crews on the ground will continue to be aided by aerial resources such as helicopters, SEATs, and MAAFS (Modular Airborne FireFighting Systems).

Jeff Davis County, Rockhouse Fire near Ft. Davis - 199,001 acres, 75 percent contained.
Today, firefighters on the ground and aerial resources will continue to focus on the NW flank extending the line north of Million Dollar Canyon. Crews will continue to provide structure protection, as well as mop up, patrol, and continue burnout operations to remove unburned fuels.

Crockett County, Sutton Fire near Ozona - 25,000 acres, 50 percent contained. Yesterday, fire spotted over containment lines in the southeast corner; however, crews were later able to contain the spot fires. Fire crews plan to construct control lines and hold.

Andrews County, Frying Pan Ranch Fire near Andrews - 80,907 acres, 80 percent contained.

Sutton County, McPherson Fire near Sonora - 2,307 acres, 60 percent contained.

Tom Green County, Encino Fire near Carlsbad - 12,659 acres, 90 percent contained.

Pecos County – Cannon Group near Iraan
Current acreage: 63,727 acres
Cannon Fire: 9,284 acres, 80 percent contained
DHR: 26,284 acres, 80 percent contained
Little Smokey: 27,895 acres, 80 percent contained
Yates Field: 300 acres, 90 percent contained Please be advised that RM 2034 south of Highway 158 including Paint Creek Road is closed due to smoke and fire within the contained areas.

* Fire crews are working to construct and hold lines and assist with evacuations when needed.
* Aerial resources continue to monitor and perform water and retardant drops.
* Military resources including four dozers, four MAAFS (Modular Airborne FireFighting Systems), and a contracted DC-10 air tanker will be available to help.
* Fires are expected to continue to move north with winds predicted to be from the west. Very high temperatures and very low relative humidity could easily cause new fires to start and existing fires to spread quickly.
* Today forecasters are predicting a Haines Index of 6, which means a high likelihood for existing fires to become large based on measurements of atmospheric instability and dryness.


North-Northwest-West-Central-South Branches:

A stationary cold front will extend across just south of the I-20 corridor today with cooler temperatures and higher RH’s behind the front. The very hot temperatures will continue ahead of the front this afternoon with highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. Isolated thunderstorms are possible along the front across the central portions of the state this afternoon. The winds will be out of the NE to E at 10-15 mph behind the front today and out of the E to SE at 10-15 mph ahead of the front. The strongest winds will be up in the panhandle this afternoon. Elevated fire weather conditions will prevail over the Trans Pecos and the Guadalupe Mountains this afternoon due to low RH’s and gusty winds to 20 mph.
East Branch:
The cold front will extend across the central portions of the branch this afternoon with NE to SE winds at 10-15 G20 mph prevailing through most of the day. Minimum RH’s will remain in the 40 to 50 percent range through the day. Isolated thunderstorms will be possible mainly over the northern half of the branch this afternoon and evening.

For information on road closures please go to http://www.dot.state.tx.us/travel/road_conditions.htm or call 800 452-9292.

Currently there are approximately 1,779 first responders being managed by the Texas Forest Service from 34 states assigned to Texas fires. This figure does not include Volunteer Fire Department responders.

From Texas Forest Service


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