Texas students ticketed

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 1:09pm

TYLER - With teens and young kids in school, misbehaving is not uncommon. Now a new study says kids as young as six are receiving tickets and it could cost you.

The Appleseed Texas Report examined data from 22 of the states largest school districts and 8 municipal courts. The study says thousands of students across the state can receive a Class C Misdemeanor for things like disrupting class, using profanity, misbehaving on a school bus and fighting. Officials say in East Texas the issue is truancy.

While the study may say six year olds are the youngest to be ticketed, East Texas Judge Quincy Beavers JR. says he's had cases go even further. He says he has personally dealt with cases involving kindergartners.

The study does make one recommendation, Texas ban ticketing for children under the age of 14.


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