Texas children rescued from hot car while mom gets hair done

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 4:24pm

Some brave shoppers jumped into action-- smashing open a car after spotting children inside. It happened Monday in Katy, Texas, as temperatures hovered above 90 degrees.

The rescue was caught on camera.

The bystanders thought they had no time to spare. Shoppers in a strip center parking lot took matters into their own hands when they noticed two small children in a hot jeep.

Gabriel del Valle said he stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the sound of children crying out in desperation. He shot the video above with his phone. He said one guy used a hammer to smash open the windows.

After several minutes, the kids were freed. The children's mom apparently said she had left them there only temporarily so that she could get a hair cut, but Gabe believes nothing justifies treating children like this.

No one called police. KHOU was told the mom came out, pleaded with everyone and said she just made a terrible mistake. Fortunately, it appeared as though her children were unharmed.  


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these people r idiots. what if the Ac was running, then that retard with hammer would have to pay to fix that window. i leave kids in car all time, but leave car on. prius is silent and if you break my window i will pepper spray you while your still getting tazed (yes, doulble whamy) dont be a hero.

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