Texas A&M student dies after mono diagnosis

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 5:14pm

A Texas A&M sophomore died from mono recently and her death is leaving her family with a lot of questions.

How did this she get mono? That question is taking a backseat to an even bigger mystery, how did she die?

Christy crow was diagnosed with mono-nucleosis at a College Station clinic last week. The 19-year-old's condition got worse from there, so her mother brought her home to Friendswood and checked her into UTMB in Galveston on Monday.

"Her glands were swollen, her eyelids were swollen to the point she couldn't open her eyes anymore. It looked like she had been through 9 rounds of Mike Tyson," said her older brother Nick Crow.

She figured his sister would snap out of it.

"We joked around a little bit and said let's just take those tonsils out. You see her in there she's talking to you...3 hours, 4 hours later she's dead."

Christy's temperature made dramatic dips and spikes and her heart stopped beating several times..

"I want why this happened. I want to know what happened in the middle of the night to cause her to stop breathing," said -----

The virus that causes mono is transmitted through saliva. It's often called the 'kissing disease'.

"I want her to be remembered as the proudest Texas Aggie of the class of 2016."

Christy Crow would have turned 20 next Thursday.   


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