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TAKS tests are is the stress

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 12:20pm

TEXAS — TAKS tests are back, and so is the stress. Fifth and eight grade Texas students started taking math TAKS tests Monday.

Students have been taking these tests for eight years, but this is the last wave of them.

april shilling, whose son is in 7th grade, says, " I make sure my son gets to bed early and has some protein for breakfast."

School officials tell us they have been prepping the students for months, but just knowing the answers isn't enough.

Superintendent Marvin Beaty from Troup ISD says, "Everyone stresses about tests. For example, today's test is math. It's not simply calculating the answer to a's a word problem in which the student must create a formula."

Many parents and even school officials say they're sick of all the testing. "We're living in a misconception that because some tests are good, more tests are better, and it's frustrating because it's not better," says Beaty.

While the TAKS tests are here for another month, they will soon be replaced by STAAR tests. School districts have been warned, the STAAR tests are harder and more time-consuming.

Beaty says, "There's no guarantee our students are going to learn more, but what we do know is we're going to lose more days simply taking tests."

The state has spent $94 million altogether on TAKS tests.

While Texas schools are looking at cutting teachers and classes in this budget crunch, we're told over the next five years, $450 million dollars will be spent on STAAR tests.


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