Study finds criminal record not too harmful to NFL hopefuls

Monday, April 29, 2013 - 11:52am

With not one, but two arrests under their belt for this week, some of LSU’s top football players have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

According to a recently released study by researchers at Hamilton University in New York, those criminal backgrounds won't hurt players too badly when it comes to future football goals.

Local sports fans we spoke to say the NFL overlooking players past discretions is all part of the game these days.

"I think the pros are more worried about what they can do on the field as opposed to off the field," commented Rusty Brooks, an LSU season ticket holder.

"Technically you would think it has something to do with it because they want to make sure players are dependable, reliable as far as that kind of thing goes. when it comes down to it thought it's about selling tickets and if they can play, they're going to pick them up," added Tiger fan Chris Parino.

Though those same fans also believe those same athletes should try to be role models for some of their young fans.

"You know they have to abide by the same rules, and I mean they may get scrutinized more for it but they still should, like any other student, they need to follow the rules," Parino said.

"They need to be penalized because people look up to athletes so much, so you need to be a role model," added Stephen Loupe, another LSU fan.

The study found players were more likely to drop negatively in draft rankings if they'd had issues with teammates or coaches.



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