State's idea to save money could slash 12,000 teaching jobs

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 12:06pm

Currently, there is a 22-pupil class size limit through fourth grade in Texas. State comptroller Susan Combs says in a report that if Texas makes 22 the average number of students instead of the limit, it could save schools $558 million.

Amy Beneski with Texas Association of School Administrators says, "Nobody wants to cut class sizes in any grades, but the bottom line is, if we're gonna be facing cuts the way the Legislature says we are, and we've got 85 percent of our budgets going to personnel, it's gonna require some teachers to lose their jobs." In fact, nearly 12,000 elementary teaching jobs could be slashed.

Marvin Beaty with Troup ISD says the number of students in a classroom should depend on experience. "As far as class ratio, you can only teach the number of students that you can discipline or that you can maintain control over. That's gonna be different for different folks," says Beaty.

TASA says Texas is going to have 70 to 85 thousand more students next year, but the state says there is simply no money to pay for it.

Beaty says, "The problem is we've done so much with so little for so long, that they're fairly convinced we can do something with nothing."

If you want to look at other ideas the comptroller says could help Texas schools, go here:


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