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VA scheduler in Texas claims waits for appointments were covered up

Clerks scheduling medical appointments for veterans were "cooking the books" at their bosses' behest to hide the fact some had to wait weeks, if not months, for appointments, a VA scheduler in San Antonio said Thursday.

Houston police searching for 'serial pooper'

Houston authorities are looking for a man accused of something you'd expect from a dog: Relieving himself on other people's property.

Brain-injured Texas teen receives $2 million in 'affluenza' case settlement

The family of a teen critically injured when another teen, Ethan Couch, drove drunk last year has reached a settlement of more than $2 million.

Police in Texas town fatally shoot 93-year-old woman

Texas Rangers are investigating why police in a small central Texas town fatally shot a 93-year-old woman at her home.

Teen murders friend over video game

Dallas Police say a 19-year-old high school student has been charged in the death of a friend in an apparent fight over a video game.

Texas judge under fire for rape sentence, implying victim was promiscuous

She could have sentenced him to 20 years in prison after he admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl in her high school.

Silver alert canceled, missing Texas man found

UPDATE: The Texas Department of Public Safety canceled the Silver Alert for Clyde Jones at 1:30 p.m.

Consumer Alert: Attorney General's Office launches investigation

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has opened a criminal investigation into a scheme by identity thieves who are posing as employees of the Texas Attorney General’s Office in an attempt to steal the identities of targeted individua

Houston bus driver under review after abandoning students

A Houston-area school bus driver faces a review after she allegedly became upset with the children, pulled over, threw the keys to a student and told the children to drive themselves home.

Former Army ranger from Texas disappears in Belize

Friends of a Texas man who disappeared while kayaking in Belize don't think enough is being done to find him.