Smith County Republican Chairman resigns

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 1:27pm

After 30 years of supporting the GOP, Smith County Republican Chairman, Ashton Oravetz will be resigning, effective January 18th.

Oravetz tells Fox 51, the national and state Republican Party are run by the establishment, and says there's a problem.

"They don't follow the rules...let's put it that way. They will do anything to keep in power, they will not see any authority to anybody from what I call a freedom movement which are grass roots, tea party, Ron Paul people...constitutions," says Ashton Oravetz.

Oravetz tells Fox 51, he can no longer morally or ethically be the Republican county chairman.

"I've come to a conclusion it can't be reformed from within, I've been fighting them for years and it's getting worse, they're getting very worried now because of what happened with Ted Cruz, that sent a message for instance, not only for Texas but for the Nation," says Ashton Oravetz.

He doesn't believe that people should vote straight Republican you should vote for candidates that are constitutional conservatives.

He says, you should not give any money at all to the national or state Republican party.

"They'll use it to support the moderate positions," says Ashton Oravetz.

He'll put his efforts elsewhere.

"I'm not getting out of politics, i work much more with Grassroots America."

Oravetz says, the real power is in the freedom movement.



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