Should we raid the Rainy Day Fund?

Friday, January 7, 2011 - 11:16am

The state budget is coming up short this year…very short. And when the legislature meets next week, cutting that budget is job number one.

But, one religious group says not so fast.

The rainy day fund in Texas is an emergency account set aside for hard times and real crises.

And one religious organization says that crisis is here. And as far as the fund is concerned…it’s raining now.

Texas Impact is an interfaith group whose goal is to influence politicians to make what they see as moral choices in hard economic times.

And they say, deep and painful cuts in the state budget to make up a 25-billion dollar shortfall, will have a devastating impact.

State Senator Kevin Eltife says, He’s not opposed to using some of the funds. But others, though, including State Representative David Simpson say, the rainy day fund should be left out of the mix.

You can go to Texas Impact's website by clicking here...


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