Roses are red, violets are blue, don't forget the card and the chocolates too!

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:20pm

If you are looking for some Valentines chocolates, or even some vino, a stuffed bear or balloon you won't have to go very far from your car!

Select Brookshires stores will have an “Express Valentines Tent” on February 13, 14 for all the last minute lovers. David Blalock , a loyal last minute shopper says, "It's a lot more convenient to just stop, park close in the parking lot, walk in, get exactly what you need, and walk right back out." And they have just about everything you need in the parking lot love shack.

Mark Miles, shopping for his sweetheart at the last second explains, "All kinds of different arrangements, from flowers, bears even stuff for the little ones, one stop shopping is right for me!"

Some loyal tent-shoppers include, well, you guessed it, MEN!

Brookshire’s tent cashier, Desiery Olison explains, "A lot of men! I did this last year and there were a whole bunch of men, we had to keep bringing things out and at 5 o clock that's when all the big purchases go.”

Men are flocking to the flowers and doing drive by's for daisies. Some say the Express Valentines tent may just keep them out of the dog house this Valentines day.

But these last minute love birds don't include only men.

Shopper Shenika Lyons says, "Last minute shopping for my husband …I mean I have to get him something!"

Roses are Red, there a wine bottle that’s blue; don't forget the card and the chocolates too! Better late than never to say "I love you"

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