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Republican James White boots last Democrat standing in East Texas

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 11:58am

EAST TEXAS-- Jim McReynolds served East Texas since 1996. This Tuesday would have kicked off his eighth consecutive term as District 12 State Representative. However, the incumbent was booted by a high school teacher from Woodville--James White.

Today White says, "I want to set the stage right, and we're going to start with East Texas." He says he's ready to hit the ground running.

Both Democrat McReynolds and Republican White share a conservative philosophy. However, some say this election could have been about the parties. "Because of the unrest with Washington, a lot of voters were going to vote Republican no matter what," says one reporter with the Lufkin Daily News. She says 69% of voters in District 12 went for straight-Republican tickets, and McReynolds' campaign manager warned him that the changing tide in Washington would make this a tough year, especially since Mcreynolds was the last Democrat standing in East Texas.

White says it was his hard campaign that drew in 57% of the votes. "Our approach of restoring East Texas jobs, revitalizing economic prosperity in our communities, and protecting and securing our border...that approach prevailed," White says.


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