Pit Bull attacks emu at Murchison animal shelter

FOX 51
Friday, June 13, 2014 - 6:42am

"This situation is out of control". In a video released Tuesday, neighbors of the Murchison animal shelter, "Happy Tails", recorded a Pit Bull attacking an emu. In the video, these neighbors had to fire a shot gun in order for the dog to release the emu's leg.

In this case of alleged animal hoarding, the shelter is home to more than 100 dogs, 2 horses, 2 emus, a donkey, and numerous chickens and cats. Neighbor Karen Krueger said, "They'll have two dogs in a small pen and many times, if you've got near the fence you'd notice you know no water".

Due to the large number of animals, insufficient kennel space can allow the animals to escape, and roam. Which is how the Pit Bull began attacking the emu. Krueger questioned, "What would have happened if, you know, we hadn't been home? And then we looked and there was another pet out".

Krueger believes there are other problems with the animal's living quarters. Her husband, Jeffrey Krueger, said, "The horses aren't, from what we can see from here, hardly getting any food. They're pushing our fence down trying to get the grass in our yard". The sewer line running through the donkey pen is also a concern. Krueger explained, "There is a sewer line on top of the ground that is broke open and running on the ground. We can smell it from our house here".

PETA has been contacted, and neighbors hope they will help the situation. Stephanie Bell, the Cruelty Case Director at PETA, said, "We are deeply concerned about the allegations and we are actively investigating".   


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It really is a sad day, when animal rescue/shelter people, that are not involved in this case, have so many opinions. They do not have the paperwork, the sheriff call records, and many have threatened/offered to shoot the neighbors. Check your facts. Sheriff Thompson asked that all the accusations stop and that the neighbors did not let her animals loose. Two days later, Tina and her posse have started again. It needs to stop.

If you have concerns about the animals, then maybe you can help? Every day 7,000 companion animals die in shelters because there aren't enough homes. Our own local shelters kill 300+ per month. The numbers are staggering. Instead of judging, how about fostering an animal to reduce the numbers at the shelter? How about volunteering? Or donating? Everything makes a difference. Rescues take these animals because nobody else will and they should be commended, not criticized.

The Athens Review did a story and took the time to interview Tina Hamilton as well as members of the Sheriff Dept. and the Mayor, and all stated that no abuse or neglect is occurring at the shelter.

Please contact local authorities for their findings of this location. They have been on the property, around all the animals and never had to protect themselves from the vicious animals. That says a lot for the quality of care these animals are getting since most law enforcement are not trained to handle vicious animals (Justice for Candy facebook page is one you can educate yourself on the issues Texas is facing) and no force was required at this shelter/rescue.

Shame on you for printing slanderous accusations that were not even validated. She ought to sue all your asses who are involved in this.

You people are nuts! She is not hoarding any dogs. She has adopted out almost 800 dogs that would have died in shelters. The dogs are able to roam daily and the dogs are all well fed and watered and cared for. Don't report on something if you have no idea what you are talking about. You say you tried to contact the owner and did not get a response, then you are reporting a one sided story! Talk to her and get her info. AND PETA did come out and investigate and found NOTHING wrong!!

Spot on Ms. Bowden. Some people can't even comprehend what is happening right in front of them. And others have no clue what they are talking about.
She should write a story on how reporting rumors and misinformation can be harmful to people as well as animals.

you must have our rescue mistaken with someone else there is never been any stolen dogs or trucks going through fences. There is no funding from the government to this rescue the video was staged all allegations have been found to be falsely filed against Happy Tails. the poor journalism and lies that you were fed have been found to be that lies and false accusations you may contact the henderson county sheriff dept and ask for their animal control officer deputy Gomez and he can fill you in on

Apparently you didn't bother verifying your sources, because Karen Krueger has a long line of alcohol-related arrests which would shed light on her character. One would wonder what her mental state was on the day you interviewed her. And you call this a credible person? Journalism? And to eac1956, the govt does not give money to rescue groups. They operate solely on donations from people who want to help save the animals they are taking in.

This whole article is so biased and false, you should be ashamed for publishing it. The neighbors trespassed to get it, but you never even question it. The dog was not attacking, it accidentally got into the pen & was trying to play. The Emu wasn't hurt, and the other one looking on wasn't scared. If this was an attack, the bird would be dead. All of Tina's animals are very well cared for. You need to interview Tina if you want to call yourself a journalist.because this is slander.

Thank God someone has finally noticed, and I pray they will help these animals. It is an awful situation. These animals would be better off on the streets. The people that run it have NO business running this place. The more animals they have the more money they get from the government. This lady has even stolen dogs. She took one man's dog and he got it back but only after telling her he would call the police, or was running his truck through the fence. No food, No water, where the money going

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