A pathway to citizenship

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 1:30pm

Republicans and Democrats have put it together.

The President has praised it.

The “IT” is a new plan for immigration that will please some and anger many.

The plan was presented by two senators who could star in a revival of the Odd Couple.

John McCain and Charles Schumer say, it’s a plan to bring millions out of the shadow.

But some see it as too generous.

For years, politicians has struggled with what to do with a group that totals around 3% of the US population.

And now, a plan has been announced that offers legal residency states with certain qualifications, and a possible path to citizenship.

Now, the plan has bipartisan support and promises to rile a lot of folks.

It will also leave some overjoyed, and no one moreso than those here at the Hispanic Service Center.

“We’re very excited that this program has opened up,” says Executive Director Anna Fuggins, “because it gives them the opportunity, especially the agricultural…it will give them the opportunity to have thelabor that they need.”

But the local Democratic party chair David Henderson, says, there’s politics involved as well.

“The split in the Republican party is not center-right,” he says, “it’s between those who can count and those who cannot count.

And I think John McCin’s statement the other day was very candid when he said, it’s the numbers, stupid.”

He says Democrats shouldn’t automatically start banking on Hispanic votes.

“In the Hispanic community there’s a lot of social conservatism,” Henderson says. “That will play to the Republicans. Once the

Republicans get beyond this, it will certainly be a drawing card for them.”

But Fuggins told KETK, illegals want to work, and want to contribute.

And does the bill have a snowball’s chance of passing?

We’ll know later in the spring.


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Here we go again. The same thing Regan done in the 80"s. We do not need new legistation on this, we need to enforce the laws already on the books. Review and change the 5th and 14th amendment. If you come to this country illigeally and have a child that does not automatically make the child a citizen. Yes all of them can be rounded up and sent back. It was done in the 80's. We already have enough people getting support from our government we do no need to add 13 million more.

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