Oliver North comes to Tyler

Stops by bookstore to sign copies of his new book

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 12:04pm

TYLER - Oliver North's new book about American heroes just hit the shelves this month.

On Sunday, the combat decorated Marine made a stop at Tyler's Barnes and Noble to sign copies of it for East Texans.

North was a member of the National Security Council staff during the Reagan administration and received national attention for his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair in the 80's.

Speaking about his book "American Heroes in Special Operations," North said a nation without heroes couldn't stay around very long.

"The classical definition of a hero is a peron not wearing spandex, suit and cape - tv show or a movie - a classical definition of a hero is someone who puts themselves at risk for the benefit of others," North said.

When asked about some of the unfavorable views of the military published on sites like Wiki-Leaks, North was quick to defend his country.

"I find it to be interesting that Wiki-Leaks only has bad things to say about our military. Well if nothing else, this is a counterpoise to all that crap that's out there, and that's why I write these books," North said.

In addition to writing books, you might have seen North on the Fox News Channel where he hosts the documentary series "War Stories."


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