Old scandal, new rules

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 11:01am

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is facing the kind of scandal that usually ends careers, political or otherwise.

So with so much at stake, why would prominent men take this kind of risk?

First of all, in addition to wishing the family pronunciation had been “Winer”, the Congressman has admitted to texting lewd pictures and messages to at least 6 women across the country.

So here we go again…a prominent politician…a sex scandal…and everyone wonders why.

So where do we start? You can consider scandals involving prostitutes like New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Louisiana Congressman David Vitter.

Or simple affairs like Senator John Ensign or Governor Mark Sanford.

And, on the subject of having a lot to lose, that list has included more than one President of the United States.

And now, the more complex and modern equivalent of internet and social media involvement like Congressman Chris Lee or now, Congressman Anthony Weiner.

So why would men like Wiener, Spitzer and Lee with so much to lose, beautiful wives, successful careers, public admiration, peer respect…choose to risk it all for the dubious thrill of talking sexy on the internet?
“It’s an interesting situation that we have now,” says psychologist Dr. Carmen Petzold of Houston. “You have this dichotomy of feeling like you can do no wrong, that you are above all of the laws. We’ve got people who continue to think that they can do nothing that’s not going to continue to bring them applause and laud. And, there’s also no tolerance for it.”

Whatever the reason, the track record of discovered cheaters doesn’t seem to dissuade them.

But does the anonymity of the internet make it feel safer? Or can they convince themselves, it’s not really cheating?

”Oh definitely, people who are doing this do not believe it’s real sex,” Petzold says.

And no one needs a lipstick stained collar anymore. Just access to a Twitter account.

Dr. Petzold also warned ketk that since ages cannot be verified on the net, the danger of sending sexual material to a minor is real. And it's a felony.


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