Oklahoma man arrested on Peeping Tom charges in a Port-a-Potty

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 10:10am

A 50 year old Oklahoma City man is accused of peeping through a hole in a port-a-potty at Will Rogers Park in Oklahoma City.

Police say he enjoys watching women and girls use those facilities.

Will Rogers Park, even on a scorching hot day, is a place to find people enjoying the day. But one woman's day at the park took a turn for the creepy when she used on the park's port-a-potty's.

The woman said she went inside and found a hole in the side and when she looked into this hole and saw someone was looking back at her. The victim said that a man was in the other port-a-potty right next door and the hole in the side was lined up with the hole in her port-a-potty so the man could look right in.

"She immediately exited the port-a-potty and ran to her car where she contact police," said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow of Oklahoma City Police. "She was able to sit there until police officers got there."

Some who frequent the park say that is not all they've seen. Some saying that the port-a-potty is an advertisement for sexual intercourse and seeing many going into the port-a-potty two at a time.

Police came to the park and tracked down the Peeping Tom...or now Peeping John, who was officially identified as John Dugan, 50, of Oklahoma City.

"He gave varying stories of why he was there and exactly what he was doing," said Wardlow.

The port-a-potties have now been moved so the holes no longer match up. But many park goers say they will pass on ever using them.

Dugan was arrested on "Peeping Tom" charges



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