Noonday Fire Department Chief resigns

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 12:02pm

NOONDAY -- A police report states a repo man went to Noonday Volunteer Fire Department to repossess a car. The report says the car's owner is James Broome-- a volunteer firefighter. The repo man says Broome had no license or car insurance.

The repo man spoke with us today, but he wants to remain anonymous. He is afraid for his safety and his his family's.

He tell us when he first went to the fire station, Broome went inside to buy insurance quickly online, but the car had to be repossessed anyway.

When the repo man got the vehicle to the car lot, he says firefighters were waiting for him. He and other sources say the firefighters snatched the keys out of the vehicle and blocked him in. The repo man says, "I got the car secured in the lot. They spaced three vehicles in the driveway and wouldn't let my wife and i leave. We had to call the Sheriff's department." Several sources confirm this as well.

Broome tells sheriffs that he thought his car was being stolen.

The Noonday Fire Chief Dave Timmins tells us he doesn't believe Broomes and the other firemens' stories. "I've been told so many stories this past week that i don't even know what the turth really is. I figure the truth will come out."

As Timmins turns in his resignation letter today, he says he wants no part of a group of people like this. "I do not believe it's good for the community. I do not believe it's good for the department. I do not believe that I'm willing to mortgage my integrity," Timmins says.


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