No proof of citizenship required for voter registration

Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 12:20pm

Filling out a voter registration card doesn't require a proof of citizenship.

Elections officials say you just have to prove who you are.

"In Texas, you do not have to prove your citizenship. All you do is check a box on the application - either yes you are a citizen or no you are not," said Karen Nelson, Smith County Elections Administrator.

With concerns over voter fraud and illegal immigration...some East Texans say they wouldn't have thought that was the case.

"No I did not know that until this morning...I think it should be proven," said Dianne Smith, East Texan.

Acceptable forms of identification include some that don't have anything to do with citizenship. Such as a utility bill with your name and address on it. Ginger Young, a Tyler attorney says there are always ways around laws.

"I think that the laws are very clear and pretty well known, but as with any law, if someone illegal or legal wants to get around them, there's always ways to do that," said Young.

But much like lying on other official government documents, the consequences for lying about being a citizen are pretty severe.

"It's a federal issue, on a federal level, through senate and congress and not for individual states," Young said.

So when Arizona tried to pass it's own law, judges said it was unconstitutional.


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