New G.E.D changes for 2014

Friday, January 11, 2013 - 6:00pm

If you're planning on taking a G.E.D test or currently take the test, there are changes you need to know about.

Reports say the G.E.D test will be strongly revised for 2014. The test will no longer be given in written form using a pencil, the new test will be given on the computer.

The traditional high school equivalency test is a five-part test and the new computer-based test will be a four-part test.

"It's looking to raise the college readiness of students that complete the new GED test where they're going to be ready to move into college and pass a college entrance test," says Richard Swain, G.E.D Supervisor.

Advisors note, the written traditional G.E.D test is currently $80 and the 2014 G.E.D test is expected to be more than $120.

Advisors tell KETK, the new computer-based test will be challenging in all forms of practices, including math, reading, writing, language, arts and comprehension.

The new test is designed to prepare adults for college readiness not just high school quivery.

"Reading comprehension, and writing skill, how they're playing off one another, writing helps reading and reading helps writing, and the math, it's primarily the math that the rigor is going to be," says Richard Swain, G.E.D Supervisor.

Advisors encourage adults whom plan on taking the test to search for practice tests and prepare.

"Many of our students don't have the computer skills to take it, we are in the process of buying laptops for our classrooms right now," says Nancy Crawford, Executive Director, Literacy Council of Tyler.

G.E.D Supervisor at Literacy Council of Tyler tells KETK,

People whom are currently taking the five-part G.E.D test must complete the test by the end of 2013, if not, you scores will not rollover.

"All those previous tests will be lost, when 2013 ends, and you have one, two, three, or four parts of five, they're wipes away, 2014 starts a new day, and if you're not completed you start the process over," says Richard Swain, G.E.D Supervisor.


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