New bill proposes special licenses for drunk drivers

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 11:16am

A bill proposed by State Representative Pete Gallego from District 74 could put markings on the licenses of those who have been convicted of DWI. It might end up being a colored border around the license, for example.

Gallego says the markings could be placed on a drivers license after the first DWI for 3 years.

•1st conviction: 3 years
•2nd conviction: 5 years
•3rd conviction: Permanent.
Some East Texans we spoke to today support the bill, but they just don't think it will help.

Others think of it more as a "scarlet letter."

Representative Gallego says he hopes it will help bartenders know who has a problem.

"At closing time, or you know, when they think you may have had a little bit too much, it will certainly, or should impact their judgement about whether or not to serve you that last beer or that last drink," Gallego said.


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