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Donald Sterling accused of threatening to 'take out' wife's lawyer, sue doctors

 Donald Sterling can't seem to avoid trouble over recorded phone calls.

Iraqi forces fighting militants for town on Syrian border

- Iraqi security forces are waging a fierce battle with militants for control of the strategic border with Syria, where the enemy fighters enjoy a stronghold, Iraqi security officials said Saturday.

Cool kids study offers 'revenge' for nerds

 If you weren't part of the "cool club" in middle school, you may have an extra spring in your step after hearing about a new study, which could be titled "Revenge of the Nerds."

5 things we'd like to see from the Apple smartwatch

Rumored for years, the long-awaited smartwatch from Apple may finally become reality in a few months.

New York to be next state to allow medical marijuana

The expected signature of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is all that is needed for the state to permit the use of medical marijuana.

Starbucks workers could pay $23,000 for 4-year tuition

Starbucks employees who want to finish college learned recently they'll get some help with their tuition, but it won't be a free ride.

Pope Francis says he opposes making recreational drugs legal

Are you stoned? That's the message Pope Francis seemed to be sending lawmakers Friday, saying the growing worldwide trend toward legalizing recreational drugs is a very, very bad idea.

U.S. human trafficking report drops four nations to lowest tier

After several years of what it calls broken promises, the U.S. government has singled out Thailand, Malaysia, The Gambia and Venezuela for taking insufficient action against human trafficking.

Presbyterians vote to allow same-sex marriage

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted Thursday to allow pastors to marry same-sex couples in states where it is legal.