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Atheists release own version of Ten Commandments

What if, instead of climbing Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments from God, Moses had turned to the Israelites and asked: Hey, what do you guys think we should do?

Best places to see Christmas lights in the U.S.

 (CNN) -- Christmas in the United States is a combination of traditions from around the world. Evergreen trees inside homes were popularized in Germany during the 16th century.

'Digital nose' on a chip can sniff out diseases

 (CNN) -- It's long been known that dogs and cats, with their highly developed sense of smell, can be trained to identify the volatile chemica

Look out! Here comes the new Spider-Woman

 Spider-Woman has never been one of the major characters in comic books, but Marvel hopes that she will make a splash with her new look.

Ralph Lauren chastised for Native American ads

 Ralph Lauren's 2014 holiday ad campaign for its RRL line is being raked over the coals on social media for its "assimilation aesthetic," featuring what appear to be antique photos of stoic Native Americans dressed in Western

No 'The Interview,' and no 'Team America' either

 After Sony canceled the release of its comedy "The Interview," one Texas theater planned to screen "Team America: World Police" instead. That is, until studio Paramount shut that down, too.

It's bake cookies day (mmmm!)

 Here's another reason to make something special for the holidays. Today is "Bake Cookies Day." Cookies first arrived in America in the 17th century.

What would make a baseball hat be worth $300,000?

 (CNN) -- A baseball hat Babe Ruth wore during his 1934 tour of Japan just sold for $303,277 on the site Grey Flannel Auctions.