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RG3 Wins Heisman

Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III has won the 77th edition of the Heisman Trophy.   He is the first baylor player to ever win the award.

Electrical wiring causes fire in Tyler

Fire officials say the blaze was started by electrical wiring. The Tyler Fire Department remains on the scene of a two-alarm structure fire in the 6000 block of Sutherland.

Billy Graham recovering from pneumonia in Western North Carolina

Billy Graham is recovering from pneumonia in Western North Carolina. The 93-year-old evangelist is undergoing treatment at Mission Hospital, which released a statement today.

Cain announces he's suspending his campaign

Republican candidate Herman Cain says he's suspending his bid for the republican presidential nomination to avoid news coverage that is hurtful to his family.

Taste for salt tied to drug addiction

When the first slimy amphibians crawled onto dry land a few million years ago, they brought with them a powerful craving from that salty, primordial sea.

Pastor gives Ricky Bobby-esque prayer at Nascar race, listen here

Pastor Joe Nelms of Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee performs an epic prayer before the Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300. He even pulls a Ricky Bobby and thanks God for his "smokin' hot wife".

President Obama: Osama bin Laden dead

In an address to the nation late last night, President Obama confirmed a Navy SEAL team has taken out one of the world's biggest terrorists, Osama bin Laden.

Passover underway

TYLER — Passover began Monday night at sunset. Watch the video above to see the difference between how the Jewish community and Christians celebrate passover and why it's an important part of their religion's faith.

Tina Fey pregnant with second child is reporting Tina Fey is keeping a secret.. She's got a bun in the oven! Fey said she is five months pregnant during a taping of Oprah on Wednesday.

No bill in place to avoid a government shutdown

Republicans have filed a bill for a one week budget extension, but opponents say they won't agree to it. President Obama has said before that he won't accept an extension, and will veto it.