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Report blames poor security, inadequate response in Benghazi attack

Terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, "essentially walked right into the Benghazi compound unimpeded and set it ablaze," a special Senate report on the September 11 attack that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans says.

Father claims Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza's body

The father of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza claimed his body last week, a family spokesman said.

New Year's trivia

Do you know how many feet per second the ball drops in Times Square? Or how many Waterford crystals go into making the sphere? Katie and Ben square off for a round of New Year's trivia.

Lindsay Lohan: The reality show we don't want to watch

In the eyes of the public, the year is ending for Lindsay Lohan in much the same way it began: with an impending court date.

Twitterverse explodes: Kim Kardashian is pregnant

The Twitterverse exploded early Monday morning after everyone's favorite bad boy rapper Kanye West announced that his girlfriend -- the famous-for-being-famous Kim Kardashian -- was pregnant.

Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza's body claimed

The body of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza was claimed last week by someone who didn't wish to be identified, an official said Monday.

"Fiscal cliff" talks stall in final hours

Senate Republicans and Democrats remain far apart in their effort to avert a year-end combination of spending cuts and tax increases that could trigger a new recession, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Sunday.

Charter bus skids on ice, kills nine in Oregon

A bus in northern Oregon skidded on ice, crashed through a guardrail and tumbled a couple hundred feet down an embankment on Sunday morning, killing nine people and injuring at least 26.

India files murder charges against suspects in brutal gang rape

NEW DELHI (CNN) -- Indian authorities added murder charges Saturday for suspects in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged protesters to the streets.

Lawyer seeks to sue state over Connecticut school shooting

(CNN) -- A Connecticut lawyer is requesting permission to sue the state over the Sandy Hook school shooting, saying his 6-year-old client was left with emotional and psychological trauma because authorities failed to make a safe setting at the